Creative Thinking
  • Webcams Made Easy

    We’ve been doing a lot of remote production during the pandemic and created this fun little video to help people setup up their webcams.
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  • Covid-Cam

    Video production when you can’t be there in person

    In an age of travel restrictions, social-distancing, and hybrid working models, our clients are looking for ways to continue generating high-quality video content. Read on to learn about our solutions to help you adapt and deliver, without the headaches.

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  • Why Are “Game of Thrones” Episodes Longer Than 8 Seconds?

    How long should your video be?

    Do you have a longer attention span than a goldfish? If you’ve followed the news for the past couple years, you’ll know that this isn’t a ridiculous question. In fact, an often cited Microsoft study purportedly found the human attention span to be 8 seconds long—one second less than your average goldfish.

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  • Giving Voice to Better Training

    What makes a top training video work?

    When Procter & Gamble asked CCG to produce a training video about their new process for performance management conversations, we didn’t expect that the end product would eventually be named one of the three best videos of the year by Training Magazine.

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